“Specialising in School Attendance – Ofsted preparation – Safeguarding”

“Specialising in School Attendance – Ofsted preparation – Safeguarding”

“Specialising in School Attendance – Ofsted preparation – Safeguarding”

“Specialising in School Attendance – Ofsted preparation – Safeguarding”


The North East London Teaching Alliance is a partnership of schools which operate as a teaching school alliance.

Teaching schools are outstanding schools that work with others to provide high-quality training and development to new and experienced school staff. They are part of the government’s plan to give schools a central role in raising standards by developing a self-improving and sustainable school-led system. Beal High School is the teaching school that co-leads the alliance alongside our strategic partners.

These partners include a wide variety of primary and secondary schools including academies, community schools, boys and girls grammar schools, special and independent schools. We also work closely with our University partners, UCL and King’s College London.

Initial Teacher Training
NELTA provides Initial Teacher Training in partnership with UCL and King’s and is also an accredited provider of its own teacher training programmes. We offer salaried and PGCE programmes as well as a QTS only route. NELTA is also able to offer the Assessment Only route to achieving QTS.

Professional Development

NELTA offers a range of professional development opportunities including:

  • Senior Leadership programme
  • Middle Leadership programme
  • improving Teacher programme
  • ITT Mentor training
  • NQT programme
  • RQT programme
  • Level 1 safeguarding training
  • First Aid training

School to School Support

NELTA has a proven track record of working with other schools and the capacity and integrity to undertake support for schools in challenging circumstances. Our approach is collaborative; our support is bespoke and targeted.

NELTA has a great deal of expertise in every area, from improving the quality of teaching to leadership coaching, behaviour management, policies and systems, successful data tracking and intervention, curriculum design, timetabling, preparation for Ofsted, financial management and individual subject support.

NELTA effectively draws on capacity from across its strategic partners to undertake school-to-school support.

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